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Pilot Aircraft Pilot

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General Overview:

Flies aircraft to transport passengers, mail and freight or provide agricultural, aviation and aerial surveillance services.

Tasks Include:

  • prepares and submits flight plans giving consideration to factors such as weather conditions and aircraft performance
  • flies aircraft in accordance with established air traffic control and aircraft operating procedures
  • examines flight plans noting the availability of navigational aids and other operational facilities
  • examines number of passengers and quantity of freight to be moved, location of pick-up and destinations, assesses fuel requirements, and arranges supply
  • examines maintenance releases and conducts inspections to ensure aircraft are mechanically sound, maintenance has been performed and that all equipment is operational
  • signs necessary certificates and maintains official records of flight
  • briefs crew on flight details and coordinates crew activities
  • monitors information from instruments and other sources to keep aircraft on track and flying safely
  • obtains briefings and clearances before flights and maintains contact with air traffic or flight control during flights
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