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General Overview:

Studies the structure and physical properties of matter and the relationships and interactions of matter and energy in order to develop and improve materials, products, industrial and other processes.

Tasks Include:

  • performs experiments, tests and analyses to investigate the structure and properties of matter, transformation and propagation of energy, relationships between matter and energy and other physical phenomena, in fields such as mechanics, heat, light, sound, electricity and magnetism, electronics, and nuclear and solid state physics
  • performs experiments to discover and develop industrial, medical, military and other practical applications of the laws and theories of physics
  • maintains and develops standards for measurements such as length and time
  • applies mathematical techniques to express and analyse observations and to formulate conclusions, and relate conclusions to known laws of physics, or proposes new hypotheses to explain them
  • prepares or supervises the preparation of scientific papers and reports
  • may supervise and coordinate the work of technical officers
  • may specialise in one of a number of fields such as atomic, condensed matter, optical, plasma or atmospheric physics
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