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Physical Metallurgist

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General Overview:

Researches, develops, controls and provides advice on processes for casting, alloying, heat treating or welding refined metals, alloys and other materials to produce commercial metal products or develop new alloys and processes.

Tasks Include:

  • conducts studies of metals and alloys before and during processing to evaluate their properties
  • examines metal processing techniques to ensure that quality is maintained, improve processing or develop new techniques
  • tests alloys to study their properties and check compliance with prescribed standards
  • compiles, records and manipulates data from experiments and observations
  • consults with engineers to develop economical manufacturing methods for alloys, minimise air and water pollution and to set up inspection and testing procedures
  • advises operations personnel on production techniques, quality control systems and specifies temperatures, mixtures and other factors in the production process
  • supervises and coordinates the work of technicians and other workers
  • prepares cost estimates and budgets to evaluate the economic feasibility of production processes
  • may use techniques such as electron microscopy, X-ray diffraction and spectroscopic methods
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