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Metal Fitters Machinists Supervisor

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General Overview:

Supervises and coordinates the activities of Metal Fitters and Machinists.

Tasks Include:

  • determines work requirements and allocates duties to Metal Fitters and Machinists
  • confers with managers to coordinate activities with other organisational units
  • maintains attendance records and rosters
  • explains and enforces safety regulations
  • oversees the work of the unit and suggests improvements and changes
  • confers with workers to resolve grievances
  • may perform the tasks of a Metal Fitter and Machinist, such as:
  • (Metal Machinist - First Class) studies drawings or specifications to determine suitable materials, and methods and sequences of operations, using knowledge of metal properties, machining techniques and workshop mathematics
  • lifts or hoists and secures metal stock onto machine tools, and measures and marks out reference points using measuring instruments
  • selects cutting tools and speed, pressure and depth of cuts
  • adjusts guides, stops and controls on machine tools to ensure that stock is machined to specifications
  • operates machine tools to produce articles by turning, boring, milling, planing, shaping, slotting, grinding or drilling metal stock
  • controls the flow of lubricant on to cutting tool edges or surfaces
  • may clean, lubricate and maintain machine tools
  • may sharpen or true-cut tools or machining surfaces
  • may use tracer attachments to copy model workpieces
  • may machine non-metallic materials, such as plastic
  • may set up, program and operate numerically controlled machine tools, or
  • (Textile, Clothing or Footwear Mechanic) diagnoses faults and performs operational maintenance of machines
  • overhauls and repairs mechanical parts or fluid power equipment
  • installs or commissions machines according to specifications
  • may program, diagnose and repair computer controlled machines.
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