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Metal Fitters Machinists Fitter

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General Overview:

Fits and assembles metal parts and sub-assemblies to fabricate production machinery and other equipment.

Tasks Include:

  • studies drawings or specifications to determine methods and sequences of operations
  • checks prepared metal components for accuracy, using measuring instruments such as micrometers, callipers and rules
  • lifts and hoists components on to working surface, lays out and marks reference points, and aligns parts using measuring instruments
  • drills holes and taps threads for bolting parts together, and assembles parts and sub-assemblies
  • cuts, threads, bends and installs hydraulic and pneumatic pipes and lines
  • verifies alignment of, and clearances between, components using measuring instruments
  • cleans and lubricates assembled articles
  • may mark out stock to be shaped and formed into metal parts by other workers
  • may shrink-fit parts during assembly, using oxyacetylene torches and presses
  • may fit and assemble non-metallic parts
  • may erect machinery and equipment on-site
  • may test-assemble articles in workshops to ensure accuracy of fit
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