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Forging Tradespersons Supervisor

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General Overview:

Supervises and coordinates the activities of Forging Tradespersons.

Tasks Include:

  • determines work requirements and allocates duties to Forging Tradespersons
  • confers with managers to coordinate activities with other organisational units
  • maintains attendance records and rosters
  • explains and enforces safety regulations
  • oversees the work of the unit and suggests improvements and changes
  • confers with workers to resolve grievances
  • may perform the tasks of a Forging Tradesperson, such as:
  • (Blacksmith) studies drawings or specifications to determine job requirements
  • selects metal stock and heats it in forges
  • observes the colour and temperature of metal in furnaces and removes and positions metal on anvils or other working surfaces
  • hammers, punches or cuts metal to size and shape using hand tools or presses
  • verifies the dimensions of forging visually and using measuring instruments
  • forge-welds parts together by heating, applying flux and hammering
  • anneals, tempers and hardens finished articles by heating and quenching in oil or water bath, or cooling gradually in air
  • directs other workers to hold tools and assist in lifting and holding workpieces during hammering
  • may make and repair agricultural or mining and quarrying machinery
  • may forge cold metal, or
  • (Farrier) inspects horses to check for deviations in motion, interference, peculiarities in gait or abnormalities in size and shape of hooves
  • removes worn or defective shoes
  • trims and shapes hooves
  • measures hooves and estimates metal requirements
  • makes shoes by heating, shaping and hammering and fits them to horse's hooves
  • may specialise in corrective or surgical shoeing
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