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General Overview:

Controls plating processes and maintains solutions used to coat metal articles or other parts with non-ferrous metals.

Tasks Include:

  • prepares and maintains plating solutions
  • cleans, prepares and descales surfaces of parts or articles with cleaning solutions such as acids or alkalis or by using blasting cabinets
  • masks areas not to be plated with waxes, lacquers or resistant adhesive tapes
  • places parts in fixtures, jigs or racks and immerses them in plating solutions or uses procedures such as selective brush plating
  • sets and adjusts controls to pass electric current between anodes and cathodes
  • examines articles or parts to check progress of plating and monitor quality of finish
  • checks instruments and adjusts current flow
  • adds water or other materials to maintain mixture and level of cleaning, rinsing and plating solutions
  • removes parts or articles at completion of plating and rinses and dries them
  • removes masking substances from articles
  • may work to military or manufacturing specifications and work on such items as telecommunications components, printed circuitry, aircraft engine components and gravure printing cylinders
  • may undertake high level electroforming and anodising operations
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