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Bakers Pastry Cook Supervisor

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General Overview:

Supervises and coordinates the activities of Bakers and Pastrycooks. Tasks Include:

  • determines work requirements and allocates duties to Bakers and Pastrycooks
  • confers with managers to coordinate activities with other organisational units
  • maintains attendance records and rosters
  • explains and enforces safety regulations
  • oversees the work of the unit and suggests improvements and changes
  • confers with workers to resolve grievances
  • may perform the tasks of a Baker and Pastrycook, such as:
  • (Baker) checks the cleanliness and operation of equipment and premises before production runs to ensure compliance with occupational health and safety regulations
  • checks the quality of raw materials and weighs ingredients for making dough
  • mixes and kneads dough
  • loads tins or trays into proofers and then into ovens
  • monitors oven temperatures and bread appearance to determine baking times
  • unloads ovens and arranges de-panning and cooling of bread
  • coordinates the forming, loading and baking of batches of bread and rolls
  • may maintain and clean equipment and premises, or
  • (Pastrycook) weighs and mixes ingredients, and prepares pastry fillings and shapes pastry goods
  • kneads, matures, cuts, moulds and shapes pastry dough and operates dough baking and rolling equipment
  • controls mixing times and transfers dough to tempering rooms
  • glazes buns and pastries, and decorates cakes with cream or icing
  • monitors forming machines for crumpets, muffins and wafers
  • operates machines which roll and mould dough or cut biscuits
  • loads buns, pastries and cakes into ovens, and unloads cooked products
  • controls baking times and monitors the temperature and appearance of products
  • empties, cleans and greases baking trays, tins and other cooking equipment
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