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Immigrate To Australia Visa Applications

Want to Migrate to Australia ?

Over 110,000 permanent residency visas have been made available in 2019. Select a visa program that applies to your circumstances and enjoy the most convenient and affordable way to make a valid application to the Australian Department of Immigration & Multicultural & Indigenous Affairs (D.I.M.I.A.).

An additional 20,000 skilled specific visas are available thus 2019 increasing the skilled visa total to over 97,000

Do you qualify to immigrate to Australia?

You may qualify to permanently live in Australia by one of the following methods; (conditions apply)

* Skilled Migrant Visa (you have a recognised required trade or university qualification)
* Business Visa (you need to live here for business reasons)
* Partner Visa (your husband/wife live here and you want to join them)
* Parent Visa (your child or children lives in Australia)
* Retirement Visa (you want to retire in Australia and you have sufficent assets)
* Student Visa (you may apply to live here as a permanent resident before you graduate)

Some of the benefits of applying through us.

1) Save money.
With our expedited professional online service, you may be able to save thousands on your application fees. More money for you to spend when you get here.

2) Fast service.
Usually you will be notified of the outcome of your application within 48 hours (2 working days) which is much faster than the normal processing time of up to five weeks when applying through your local Australian Embassy or Consular Office.

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