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:: Disclaimer ::

The information contained within this website is for general information purposes only. Since the immigration to Australia laws change often, you are urged to seek independant professional and current advice from a registered Australian immigration agent before making any decision.

To use this site you agree to indeminfy and hold its directors and staff and associated companies free from any error or ommission or any expense incurred by you or caused by you.

:: Assessment Disclaimer ::

Please note that completing the Assessment Online is intended to provide a preliminary indication of your eligibility under the skilled migration stream only and does not guarantee any outcome whether positive or negative in relation to any visa application you may submit. This means that it does not it in any way, whether stated or implied, guarantee that you will be eligible to receive your requested visa.

Immigration laws are subject to frequent and constant change and there is more than one stage of assessment involved in applying for a visa under any permanent category, please be aware that further analysis must be conducted in order to determine your suitability, particularly in relation to family or state / territory sponsorship and / or your suitability under the occupational category you select.

If you would like a more comprehensive assessment of your profile, please complete the Immigration Online Interview once you have viewed your Assessment result to allow one of our qualified Advisors to assist you further.

Please also note that in many cases people apply for either the wrong visa or an incomplete visa (which restricts their access or work rights after they enter the country) therefor we seriously ask you to give us as much information concerning your stay AND the intention of your stay as possible so that we may assist you, where possible, to avoid unnecessary future problems.

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